Steve HawaldSteve Hawald, Senior Vice President – Thought Leadership

Steve Hawald has 30 years of a progressive executive IT career. At Dovel Technologies, Hawald applies his diversified senior technical background to CXOs and IT leaders for complex IT solutions using agile enterprise architecture at ZapThink©. His roles involve those of trusted advisor, counselor, second opinion or coaching support to CIOs, COO’s, CEOs and other executives involved in IT management challenges and opportunities for innovation using emerging technologies.

As an executive partner to clients  Steve brings experience with agile architectures (EA and BA), agile PM/PMO, BPM, cloud/XaaS, cybersecurity, mobile, secure smartdata for dev/ops/sec solutions, frameworks, and leading practices with proven quality CMMI, Lean Six Sigma, PMI and SEI methodologies. His passions are trending and forecasting new technologies with EA and BA models and mapping them to customer needs, helping clients beat competitors to market with innovative solutions using agile SOA and web-based services, building communities of trust that connect people to mission and customers in ways not possible before, and stretching to reach new goals. Steve founded HAWALD ADVISORY, LLC a consultancy services company in 2013, prior to that, he worked as a Gartner Global Government Research Director / Analyst. His thought leadership domains were BPM, cybersecurity, data security management, cloud computing, EA/BA, ERP, innovation / application overhaul, PM, PMO, risk, governance and web services. He led research insight and advice to federal and DoD CIOs, contractors, system integrators, aerospace and defense firms and technology product developers for go-to-market strategies, innovation, and complex program transformation.

Prior CIO appointments included the US Department of Education / FSA CIO and United HealthCare HMO Divisional CIO. He was named to Hitachi’s US Federal Data Systems advisory board in early 2010, and was appointed to Georgetown University’s Continuing Professional Education adjunct faculty for graduate IT certificate programs to teach innovation, strategic planning and execution, IT PM, and PMO courses.

Hawald completed his undergraduate degree in accounting and engineering at the University of Maryland, and he holds two Master’s Degrees in Technology Management from the American University and Accounting and MIS from the University of Baltimore. He currently attends Virginia Tech University’s Science and Technology in Society for PhD risk studies.


Erich OliphantErich Oliphant, Senior Analyst

Erich Oliphant leads the implementation of key Dovèl projects, as well as providing overall guidance and leadership for Dovèl technical staff. Oliphant has over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and deployment of large‐scale, mission‐critical systems for federal civilian, DoD and NGO customers.

Mr. Oliphant has broad‐based experience with SOA as well as Event‐Driven and Space‐based architectural approaches to system development. He is proficient in both CMMI and Agile development practice and is well‐versed in leading‐edge Open Source technologies. He has been instrumental in the development of Dovèl’s “Smart Source” approach, which delivers harmonized, cost‐effective solutions based on best‐of‐breed Open Source/COTS products. Mr. Oliphant has recently begun to focus on innovations in social media, mobile technology and the Semantic Web.


leonidLeonid Felikson, Senior Analyst

Leonid Felikson has over 25 years of experience in software design, development, and implementation of large scale enterprise distributed systems, including consultation for both the government and private sectors. He has a diversified background in Information Systems and Enterprise Architecture. For the past 12 years, his focus has been on distributed computing; systems analysis, design, and integration; web services patterns and technologies; and service-oriented architecture and practices.

Mr. Felikson has extensive hands-on experience in product development and architecture in the software industry and he is a named expert in the field of distributed computing. He is a thought leader in providing the best solutions in IT strategy and in developing and utilizing SOA adoption enterprise-scale programs and SOA roadmaps. He is an innovator in establishing practices of modeling, designing, developing, and deploying services, performing both leadership and technical roles in delivering enterprise-scale applications and business process integration implementations.

Mr. Felikson devotes his time to knowledge sharing and education, mentoring and evangelizing SOA concepts and SOA practices. He has taught courses and seminars on the principles of operating systems and computer programming, as well as database concepts and design, data structures and algorithms, and software architecture and methodologies at a variety of public and private organizations.

Felikson has extensive teaching experience, working with a variety of schools and colleges, including serving as faculty at Johns Hopkins University for over 14 years. He has developed curricula and taught courses within the CS and IST graduate programs at JHU. Since 2005, Felikson has been a contributing member of WS-I, participating and contributing to the development of the WS-I Basic Profile 1.2 and the WS-I Reliable Secure Profile 1.0. Felikson received his B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from the Ural Polytechnic Institute, in Russia.


amreshAmresh Das, Senior Analyst

Amresh Das has over fifteen years of experience in the IT industry with a proven track record in architecting complex projects, leading diverse high-performance teams, conducting business analysis, and developing software applications. His current engagement is with FAA in architecting and building the SWIM SOA infrastructure for NextGen initiative within FAA. Prior to this, he was a Lead Architect at NAVTEQ, a NOKIA company, for a Location Based Content Management platform. His main area of focus has been IT consulting providing world class solutions to both commercial and federal government clients. Mr. Das holds a BS in Engineering from one of the top universities in India (REC, Bhopal).