As a recognized authority and master of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Architecture, and architectural approaches to Cloud Computing, ZapThink provides its global audience of public and private sector enterprises with practical advice, guidance, and education, to assist in creating an architecture that meets business needs. ZapThink offers a clear roadmap for standards-based, loosely coupled distributed computing – a vision of IT meeting the needs of the agile business.

ZapThink’s flagship offering is the Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) course, which provides training and certification on SOA & Cloud Computing around the world. ZapThink has certified over 1,500 individuals to date, and continues to offer an expanded LZA curriculum. Outside of the classroom, ZapThink publishes the ZapFlash Newsletter. Distributed to over 20,000 subscribers, this newsletter provides perspective on technology trends and implementations of cutting edge IT solutions.

In August 2011, Dovel Technologies acquired ZapThink LLC as part of its continuing strategy to expand its scope, capabilities, and thought leadership in SOA and Cloud Computing and related technologies. ZapThink is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Dovel Technologies. By joining with Dovel, ZapThink is able to draw on the expert resources within the company and their real-world experience in implementing Cloud and SOA in federal systems. This expanded pool of talent and experience enriches the training experience and allows ZapThink to create more customized courses to further educate the market on the realities of SOA and Cloud.

ZapThink History and Background

Ron Schmelzer founded ZapThink in 2000 and partner Jason Bloomberg joined the firm in 2001, after they coauthored the book XML and Web Services Unleashed. Initially focused on providing market research and industry analysis on the XML and nascent Web Services marketplaces, ZapThink soon shifted its focus to SOA, with seminal reports on SOA Management, Security, Tools & Best Practices, and Service-Oriented Process, which established Ron and Jason as leading thought leaders in the field of SOA.

Jason Bloomberg rode the startup wave in the 1990s and architected the incubation process at eHatchery in Atlanta, GA. He had leadership positions in eBusiness consulting firms including marchFIRST and WaveBend Solutions (now Hitachi Consulting), and was a senior analyst at IDC.

As the SOA market matured, ZapThink’s focus increasingly shifted to architectural best practices, leading to the publication of the book Service Orient or Be Doomed in 2006. A greater focus on enterprise practitioners led to the establishment of the Licensed ZapThink Architect program in 2007.

Dovel Technologies in McLean, Virginia acquired ZapThink in August 2011. Jason Bloomberg continues as President of the ZapThink subsidiary of Dovel Technologies, and ZapThink is adding new Senior Analysts to its team to broaden and deepen its thought leadership in the marketplace. ZapThink now offers an enhanced training schedule as well as additional services that leverage and augment the capabilities of Dovel Technologies.


Don’t just take our word… listen to our clients and other fans!

“Just finished reading chapter 1 [of The Agile Architecture Revolution by Jason Bloomberg] – long time since last I had so much fun at work. Anybody who has been architecting over the years, or who only breathes SOA – go buy this book and read. I’m sure it will be an eyeopener to other disciplines.”

John Steen Nielsen, Senior Adviser Enterprise Architecture, Ciber, Oslo Norway

“The [Licensed ZapThink Architect SOA] course is vendor agnostic, has a strong technical side but more importantly spends a lot of time on the governance structures and business processes needed to obtain the value of SOA for an organisation.”

Siobhan Keogh, President & Sr. Consultant, Key Solutions, Toronto Canada

“I wish to thank Mr. Jason Bloomberg for the invaluable training of LZA Architecture he delivered to our ends. I can tell more about your support, friendship, and ‘patience’ in preparing, conducting and delivering this training. So many thanks to you.”

Amer Maithalouni, Assistant Manager / Business Analyst, Business & Delivery Support, Riyad Bank

“I wanted to let you know your Lego analogy for SOA is still alive and well and is very current what with the resurgence of interest in SOA in the advent of Cloud, Saas, Iaas and PaaS. At Adaptris we think your original analogy was great and we use the analogy regularly and have found customers, journalists and analysts alike respond extremely well to it. It has also created some very passionate and lively debate across many of the groups and forums we contribute to.”

Paul Scarrott, Director Global Marketing, Adaptris

“#cloudexpo best so far: @TheEbizWizard ‘Architecting a RESTful Cloud: The key to Elasticity’. Refreshingly un-cloudwashed & informative.”

Ram C. Singh, CEO, 10io

“I’ve always judged teachers and instructors by their ability to speak in complete sentences. Mr. Bloomberg was outstanding. His knowledge of the industry was impressive.”

Bruce Cox, US Government

“Just a quick e-mail to say how much I enjoyed last week’s seminar. Starting from a baseline of not a great deal of technical knowledge in this field, I had been a little daunted when it became apparent that I was the only ‘honorary’ architect in a group of ACTUAL architects but I needn’t have feared too much. The 2 days were a valuable insight into The Cloud which previously has been referred to round these parts in tones not dissimilar to those used by the aliens in the Toy Story movies. So thank you for dispelling myths, imparting wisdom and for delivering the material in a way that was understood by techies and mere mortals alike!”

Gary Fairley, Scottish Government Office of Security and Information Assurance

“I appreciate a lot that you kept the course vendor independent and stressed the architecture rather than the technology. That was the most valuable lesson that I took away from the course, which one should apply broadly in our industry.”

Anton Kalkovski, Canadian Bank Note Co.

“I hired Jason to train my organization in SOA. The training Jason provided was the best spend of training dollars I have ever used. Not only was the course material excellent, but Jason is extremely knowledgeable and a gifted speaker/teacher. Jason also recently presented at our Cloud Camp at Inmar and was a fan favorite. His discussion on REST and Cloud has my team begging me to bring him back for more.”

Mike Kavis, Vice President Digital Promotions Systems, Inmar

Jason is indisputably one of THE capacities in SOA today. His profound technical understanding and excellent communication skills in both writing and speaking allow him to “get across” SOA to a variety of stakeholders, from architects to business folks alike. Thank you for having shared some of your expert SOA know-how with me and my colleagues at IPT.

Michael Vorburger, Consultant / IT Architect, IPT Innovation Process Technology Inc.

“ZapThink adds strategic value to my team on a daily basis. As we help our market pioneer enterprise-capable SOA, ZapThink’s analysis consistently sharpens our understanding and selling skills.”

Mark Rogers, VP Partnerships, IONA Technologies

“ZapThink’s work is innovative, and their conclusions spot-on. The analysts at ZapThink are not only leading the market with their research and insight, but they are also making an impact on the market as a whole.”

David Linthicum, visionary, thought-leader

“ZapThink is one of the most authoritative sources of XML and Web Services research, analysis, and insight since they were first founded. ZapThink has provided the industry the information it needs to make informed decisions about how to best use the emerging technologies for content, computing, and data exchange. We are thrilled to be working with ZapThink to offer this service to our membership.”

David Steinhardt, President, IDEAlliance

“ZapThink delivers the best research of any analysts covering web services.”

Doug Kaye, Author of Loosely Coupled and the IT Strategy Letter

“You have definitely shown a higher level of understanding of our competitive market than any of the analysts with whom we’ve spoken. Thanks and keep up the good work”

Eric Lemond, NeoCore

“Your enthusiasm and expertise were ingredients in this being the best opening session, and best overall conference, we have had.”

Steve Ruddock, FileMaker

“ZapThink does not have the millions or layers that other mediums have. ZapThink is niche and focused, and ZapThink is extremely respective and accessible!”

Dedra Jones, Software AG

“Zapthink provides a useful and pragmatic view of “Web services” that goes beyond the hype and excitement—they help explain how to put document driven, loosely coupled systems to work.”

Dave Hollander, CTO, Contivo

“In our experience, ZapThink has all the bases covered. Nobody understands the technology side of Web services and SOA better than Ron and Jason. We’ve also benefited from their insights into ways that IT organizations are considering and using these technologies. Finally, they were a great source of strategic counsel when we were evolving our own SOA strategy.”

Sarah Reed, Analyst Relations Manager, IONA

“As always, it’s great to have experts and great presenters like you on the program.”

Pete Harris, Lighthouse Partners

“The comprehensive reports created by the ZapThink research team are the definitive guide to the XML industry. We frequently interact with our customers in this vibrant and growing industry; ZapThink is there keeping pace.”

Mark Hale, Director of Content Technologies, Interwoven

“Irreverent and candid analysis, often directly contradicting or challenging analysis from the major commercial analysis firms. ZapThink is a specialist in Web Services and XML. This site tracks the infrastructure that is the foundation of all advanced learning technology. Low tolerance for hype. High regard for hard facts.”

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