Announcing the third version of ZapThink’s popular “ZapThink SOA Implementation Roadmap” poster! ZapThink has distributed over 100,000 copies of its first two versions of the poster, the first in 2003 and then updated in 2005. The latest version adds cutting-edge thought leadership in SOA, includes detail on architectural artifacts, and expands coverage of SOA Quality, Enterprise Mashups, and more.

The ZapThink SOA Implementation Roadmap poster is also an integral part of ZapThink’s Licensed ZapThink Architect (LZA) Boot Camp course, which ZapThink currently offers as a four-day, in-person training. ZapThink training sessions and events are run throughout the world, with the latest events in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Australia, India, South Africa, Denmark, Israel, and Dubai. With the SOA Implementation Roadmap Poster as a core part of the curriculum, the LZA program offers the following benefits:

  • Participation in the industry’s most comprehensive, technology-neutral SOA credentialing and training course providing the latest SOA practices and providing a means to enhance architecture skills and knowledge in the SOA space
  • An annual credential that allows ZapThink to endorse individual enterprise architects as having specific SOA skills
  • Posting onto an LZA Directory that enables companies to research and locate architects to assist with their SOA-specific needs
  • Participation in an exclusive online community and annual LZA-only conferences, events and activities.

Companies today are struggling with the best way to implement IT infrastructure that enable business agility. ZapThink’s SOA Implementation Roadmap poster provides organizations of all sizes and types an at-a-glance view at how to approach implementing SOA in a way that provides return-on-investment (ROI) at each step along the path toward agile IT infrastructure.

Included on this easy-to-read poster are the steps and phases by which companies can move from today’s brittle infrastructures to loosely-coupled, coarse-grained Services. The poster covers concepts in point-to-point Web Services implementations for integration, securing, managing, governing, and adding process layers to these Services, maintaining full-lifecycle SOA quality, implementing intermediaries for loose coupling, enterprise mashups, dynamic documents, and more. The poster shows the big picture for SOA adoption and includes the details on how to actually go about implementing SOA in a logical progression of steps, each resulting in significant ROI.

Professionally designed with enterprise architecture decision makers, technical implementers, and product vendors in mind, the Zapthink SOA Implementation Roadmap appears on the walls of both technical and business people.

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This poster is printed as an 18″x24″ poster in beautiful full-color, perfect for hanging on your wall or cubicle! ZapThink is now offering the opportunity to purchase 10-packs of this poster for just $29.95 plus shipping, shipped to your address within 2-4 weeks of purchase. Click the button below to purchase!

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6 comments for “ZapThink SOA Implementation Roadmap 3.0” Avatar

I am putting together an SOA Roadmap and Plan for an organisation. How do I define “PROCESS MODEL" in an SOA context? What is a PROCESS in the context of service orientation? The ZapThink SOA Roadmap 3.0 has a graphic of PROCESS MODEL but no accompanying narrative explaining what it is.

Posted by | January 8, 2010
Ron Wolf Avatar

Jason - I don't see a link to access/download the pdf. Am I just missing it? Or is the poster no longer available for download?

EMORAKPOR - I run into this all the time when designing and creating systems - the implementation of process doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. So I usually add a "process engine" with some sort of defined workflow feed (XML, raw code, ...) and there it sits alongside domain specific aspects of the design (account manager, whatever) and stands out like a sore thumb.

Posted by Ron Wolf | April 30, 2010
Sue Freeman Avatar

Also don't see where to download a free copy

Posted by Sue Freeman | September 23, 2010
Colleen Downing Avatar

I also don't see how to download this poster.

Posted by Colleen Downing | October 28, 2010