The use of unstructured data within enterprises today has been more art than science, and in most cases an opportunity that many people have yet to understand. Truth-be-told, there are terabytes and terabytes of useful information throughout the enterprise and the World Wide Web that if placed into the proper context could have an ROI much higher than existing data mining approaches.

Access to this unstructured information has been out of reach of many enterprises today due to the cost and complexity of the technology. However, with the Kapow Technologies offering, enterprises now have an on-demand mechanism for searching, grabbing, refining, and understanding unstructured data, and can place them in the context of enterprise data for even more value.

In addition, in the emerging world of Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Kapow is also providing customers with the ability to address unstructured data as Services, thus providing an on-ramp for any data source for use within mashups in the SOA environment.[hide -1]Download File[/hide][hide +0]Register to Access this Document[/hide]

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