SOA tools have been maturing significantly, but even now the SOA tools on the market are still limited in their capabilities. The market has still not delivered a single product that brings together all of the capabilities companies require into a single, Service-oriented tool, including modeling, Service lifecycle management, business visibility, Service consumption, and Service composition. Today, the demand for such a comprehensive tool is emerging, and the requirements and characteristics of this sort of tool are now becoming clearer.

The sort of tool companies require to build Service-oriented applications is not a simplistic extension of the concept of an IDE to the world of Web Services, but rather a new kind of tool that is itself a new kind of application–a tool that promises to disrupt the current tools space and define a new market in the process, in other words, the SOA Killer App.[hide -1]Download File[/hide][hide +0]Register to Access this Document[/hide]

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